Sunday, 19 January 2014

All Grown Up ⌂

“Sister. She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink.” 
― Barbara Alpert

Hello internet chums!

Over the Winter holidays my Sister has been back home from University, however this weekend it was time for her to go back to the North, so we packed up and off we went. It was cold, very cold, but luckily I have not died of pneumonia and am therefore able to blog about my travels, so armed with many a photo I shall recount my weekend onto you, how lucky you must feel ;)

We needed to be ready at 11:00 am Saturday morning as Father was picking us up, so I put on my Topshop Burgundy shift dress, my Boyfriend blazer and I was ready to take the North by storm.

Look how happy we are, little did I know I was about to get the most painful butt-cramp ever, sitting still for 4 hours is not something to be taken lightly. However for those 4 hours I was accompanied by the likes of Beyoncé, Queen and Pharrell Williams, which made the butt pain much more bearable.

Before I knew it we had arrived! I had been there once before when dropping her off for her first ever term there, since then she has added lots of personal touches to the room; I couldn't resist having a little photo shoot...

Bunting: Jeremy's Home Stores, Love Sign: Primark, Room Spray: The Body Shop, Photo Frame: Paperchase
These are some of the cute decorations which I feel have made the room look more homely. I bought the photo frame myself for her as a Birthday present and added inside a photo of us when we were younger, because even though she is almost an adult, its nice to remember the times when dressing up in our Father's uniform was the funniest thing in the world.

Heart decoration: Fenwicks, Bunny Pins: Paperchase
Now each student is given an empty pin board in their room and I just love the little additions my sister made, not only is she organised but the girl can decorate.

Nail Varnishes (Left to Right): Barry M, Ciaté, Topshop, Essie, Hair Bows (Top to Bottom): American Apparel, Accessorize
Of course I would pick out a couple of beauty items and these were just some of the ones that were on display, some gorgeous neutral-pinky Nail Varnishes and some adorable Hair Bows, essentials for any Uni student, I know ;)

As you can see; she is very much settled in her room and has made it entirely her own. After unpacking her things (of which I did most) I met, for the most part, all her flat mates who were all lovely. We then proceeded to drink tea and watch Friends, perfect!

Soon enough we were out the door again, this time in the direction of Nando's. After walking to one of the infamous restaurants we found that waiting may take longer than first assumed, so we trekked toward another of The Great chicken provider's to find it would be the same waiting time, however we ended up getting 10% off our bill, RESULT!

Once we had eaten sufficient amounts of Chicken we then began to walk back to the flat, but not before we grabbed a box of Assorted Krispy Kreme's because why not?

Donuts, Duvets, and DiCaprio, evening sorted.

When we arrived back at the flat, we jumped into our Pyjamas and proceeded to eat many a Doughnut whilst reliving the decadent 1920's through watching "The Great Gatsby", which was an absolute visual delight. Soon after the movie ended, so did my consciousness, a day of travelling can do that to a girl. We  slipped away from the rest of the flatmates and went to sleep in her new V&A floral Bed sheets, I had had a very good evening and a solid first impression of Leeds.

We so silly XP

The next morning I awoke refreshed and ready for what the day had in store. After eating the last of the Krispy Kreme's for my breakfast, I got dressed and my sister and I hit the town. I was very impressed with all that Leeds had to offer in the way of Retail and wished I had had more time to spend (and more money) but alas we were on a deadline. Luckily we picked up a belated Christmas present from my Sister to me which was *drum roll please*.... A MAC 15 PALETTE !!!! I absolutely cannot wait until I can fill this bad boy, I have wanted one for so long, who has the best sister ever?

So Beautiful, So Perfect, So mine x
After my sister had picked up a Lush Lip Scrub in the flavour "Popcorn" (obviously inspired by my blog post ) we dashed back towards her flat, only to be met by my Father, talk about perfect timing.

We said our Goodbyes, and off we went, equipped with many a snack we hit the road. It was sad to leave my sister, but happy in the fact to know that she has got a really good setup where she is, I'm so proud of my big sister and look forward to the next time I get to visit hopefully for much longer i.e. more time to shop ;)

Tah Tah For Now, elizabethgraced xxx

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