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Hello internet chums!


the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking 
entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

Random I know, but the stress of everyday life has become too much so I have decided to bury myself in my 'fantasy'; pretending to be in the glamorous world of beauty blogging. As some of you more persistent readers may have noticed, I have been changing my blog aesthetics, adding new gizmos and gadgets galore. Along with the renovations to my blog I have also been trying to improve my very limited makeup skills, and widen my knowledge of all things beauty, which leads me on to what I want to show you beautiful lot today...

MY DAILY MAKEUP ROUTINE... or as of the present moment... although its probably changed since I've taken the photos... I'm very picky what can I say ;)

*disclaimer* this isn't me saying I'm amazing at makeup by any stretch of the imagination, I just thought that I could show you guys what I do and maybe you see something you like or you have suggestions for products that I may like or anything so yeah, lets do this!

First things first: Moisturizing. I don't have/can afford uber fancy facial products (although I'm hoping I can do soon) so in the meantime I make do with fairly good drugstore moisturizers. I use the 'Boots vitamin e moisture day cream' first and dot it on my face in the areas where I tend to find my skin gets dry. Then afterwards I like to apply 'Garnier Body Intensive 7 days Ultra-Softening Lotion' all over my face and onto my neck just for added moisture.

Next I apply my base products, again I don't own any fancy things, it's very much a budget sorta thang. I begin by applying my foundation '№ 7 Stay Perfect™' in the shade Calico (the palest shade available- no surprise) with my 'Real Techniques® expert face brush' and I just buff it into the skin and hope to God it looks even.
Then It's time for concealer, no surprise to which one I use as it's been raved about by nearly every beauty personality, its the 'Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer' in the shade Fair 01 again the palest shade possible, what can I say, I'm English. I apply this with a 'Real Techniques® foundation brush' which is clearly not being used for foundation but its a very small brush that I find great for covering all the nooks and crannies that one wouldn't want being ogled at. 
And to seal it all off I use my 'ecoTools Kabuki brush' to apply some random loose powder that my mother gave me from a brand called 'bella pierre cosmetics' in the colour ivory (again, palest colour, i'm English, yada, yada, yada, you get the reoccurring theme here).

 Base down, Eyebrows next. Another beauty cliché that has been blogged and vlogged about countless times before me, but yes I use 'mac eye-shadow' in Charcoal Brown with a 'mac 266 brush' as it make for a more natural finish.

I love contouring, which I really only got good at recently (I've discovered tangerine isn't the look I tend to go for). I use the 'Sleek Contour kit' both the sculpting and highlighting compartments, its a great bit of kit with super pigmentation and long lasting colour, also gives you that 'I actually own cheekbones' thing  that people go crazy for. I apply this beauteous product using my 'Real Techniques® contour brush' it fits perfectly along the hollows of my cheek.

I've become intoxicated by blushers, Sleek has some excellent products with brilliant (snobby beauty blogger term) pigmentation.  Recently I picked up their 'Lace palette' using the central colour called Guipure which I apply using The 'Real Techniques® buffing brush'. 

When it comes to eye-shadows I'm kind of a palette kleptomaniac, I will collect multiple different palettes and never really use just one, which is rather annoying when I need to travel out and about and am having to carry several different palettes for just one look, HOWEVER, I did manage to narrow it down to just 3 palettes (well 2 palettes, and then one singular colour too). So The first colour which I apply all over the lid with the bigger of the two 'GOSH eye-shadow brushes' (I don't remember precise names of each of them so they'll just be the bigger one and the smaller one), is within the 'S cosmetics 24 colour eye-shadow kit' and is the lightest shade other than the white, it's a very pale peachy shimmery white, I also use this shade to highlight my inner corners and then the white shade within the same palette to highlight my brow-bone. Then I use the same larger shadow brush and take the colour taupe from my 'Sleek Au Naturalle' palette and go across the outer half of my eyelid. Finally I will pick up the smaller of the two eye-shadow brushes and use one of my favourite shades from benefit in 'buckle bunny', which is a gorgeous metallic rose shade and I blend that throughout my crease. Then 'hey presto!' eye-shadow is done :D

To finish the eyes off I use 'Rimmel London Glam'eyes Professional Liquid Liner' in the shade Black Glamour and proceed to shakily draw a small winged flick. After letting my eyeliner dry, I use my №7 eye lash curlers and then continue to whip out my one and only mascara choice 'Lancôme Hypnôse' in Black. Eyes done.

So all thats really left now is lip's. To prep my lips I use my 'EOS Summer Fruits' lip balm, now I'm not gonna lie to you, the shape was what first attracted me to the product as I recognised it from Miley Cyrus' 'We Can't Stop' music video but then actually I grew to love the actual product, its really nourishing and also smells literally of Peach Ice Tea, no wonder Miley always has her tongue out, I wouldn't be able to not lick my lips if mine tasted that amazing all the time. Now as for colours I go through stages , sometimes I love bold reds and corals, others I like really deep berry tones, however, right now I've become more obsessed with natural nudes which is why I chose 'Chanel Rouge Coco' in the shade Mademoiselle. This shade is perfect as a 'your lips but better' shade because it literally is my lip colour but 10x more luscious and fab. 

And yeah, thats each step, put them all together and...


and so am I with writing this post, Wow! Who knew trying to write your makeup routine could be so lengthy? Thanks for reading along and yeah ...

Tah Tah For Now, elizabethgraced xxx

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