Wednesday, 8 January 2014

◊◊◊ It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year ◊◊◊

Hello internet chums!

Happy New Year! Now I know that Christmas is over, the decorations have been taken down, and everything appears very bare, including my purse. The January sales, both a blessing and a curse, have hit me hard and it has not even necessarily been the sale items that I've been buying. Armed with Christmas vouchers, me and my friend took to the streets of London where we then proceeded to spend, and spend, and spend until our feet ached and we retired back homeward bound, but only after we had sufficiently stuffed our faces full of lots of yummy Dim-Sum. About a week after this shopping experience I had another excursion, but this time in the direction of Bluewater. Now it would not be a finished shopping trip until I blogged about it, so that there can be some sort of justification behind my mass spending-spree.

 The first item I bought whilst on my travels in London, was this cute red velvet Scrunchie from American Apparel which retails for £4.50. Usually when I shove my hair in the typical messy-bun I use plain hairbands, but using the scrunchie seems to make the simple hair style into something slightly more stylized and I have also received many a compliment when wearing this so I give this item a solid thumbs up and cant wait to purchase it in more colours. 

Next we dared to go into the Oxford Circus Topshop which was, the day after Boxing-Day, very crowded. I trawled through all the sale racks and after debating over a particular Christmas jumper I decided that none of the sales items were for me, so we went over to the dark-side and began to look around the regular sections. Now I have wanted a midi-skirt for a very long time and finally having enough money I was able to purchase one retailing for £20. Good quality and very flattering, for me, it is a roaring success!

 Now this was a more difficult find in Topshop. I had been on the lookout for this dress the moment I walked through the doors, I looked everywhere and the only colours I could find the dress in was fluorescent yellow or bright  orange, now being a pale blonde girl those colours do not really suit my skin tone. I ended up going to the information desk, the staff were so helpful and it turned out that there was one in my size in the colour I wanted so after all that hassle it felt almost rude not to buy it? ;) Retailing at £45 it has become a staple within my day-to-day wardrobe, it hangs really nicely and makes me feel really good about myself every time I wear it, so I am pleased with my purchase.

 We next ventured into Urban Outfitters where I bought my first actual Sale item (mini applause). I've needed a plain brown leather watch since summer due to the fact that my old one had snapped in half, so when I came across this one in the sale I was all over it. From £22 to £13 it was quite a drastic slashing of the price almost 50%, so yes definitely the bargain of my shopping trip.

 I am completely obsessed with fairy lights at the moment and for Christmas I had received some Rattan Heart fairy lights, wish I loved but they had a yellow glow to them which did not suit the rest of the lighting in my room, so I transported them over to my Fathers house and bought these Maroq fairy lights  to be placed where I would've have put the first ones. £18 from Urban Outfitters and a good find on my part seeing as I had wanted this style of fairy light but the only ones I had seen before were around £40. I am totally in love with these lights and it really does make my room feel that extra bit more magical.

When we went to Bluewater I had certain thing in mind that I wanted to buy, Velvet leggings being one of those items. They are from Urban outfitters and retail at £28 which may seem steep but they are good quality and feel amazing, as I keep catching myself stroking my legs, which must look very strange for passers-by.

I had wanted more creamy eye shadow's and had been looking at this colour over the past couple of weeks, so when I saw the 'Maybelline 24Hr Color Tattoo' in Superdrug at the brilliant price of £4.99 I just couldn't leave without it. I would describe the colour as a smokey Cranberry almost a Bark-like colour, works really well to create a neutral smokey eye, highly recommend it.

So the last purchase of the Bluewater Trip was in Boots. Although very small it is seen as a classic in the eyes of any Beauty Blogger; the 'Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer' which retails at £4.19, gives amazing coverage and doesn't leave you with breakouts or oily skin afterwards. A must for me.

And that was my sale experience, I'm very surprised that I have managed to maintain some vouchers after both trips but it seems like my shopping days are not over yet!

Tah Tah For Now, elizabethgraced xxx

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