Sunday, 11 May 2014

it's pronounced scone

Hello internet chums!

Recently it was my birthday, and in celebration of making it so far I decided to take my gal pals to afternoon tea. I went to a small tea rooms in my town and we were stuffed to the brim with brownies, cake, scones and finger sandwiches galore. On top of all those goodies we had unlimited tea (but not just any tea... teapigs tea :o) and coffee which did leave us all panic drinking tea to try and get the most of it #studentproblems

 Naturally I took some photos and thought I'd share them with you all, so enjoy! 
I loved how they used mismatched teapots and cups and sauces even the spoons were antiques!
is it just me or does everyone end up eating the clotted cream with a spoon? just me? okay then...
at this point I was having oolong tea, so refreshing :D
I wish I had this right now... oosh those scones
how civilised we appeared
Tah Tah For Now, elizabethgraced xxx

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